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Let Our Solutions Take Your Product To New Heights

We offer a variety of services to assist in any stage of product development from concept to production.

Firmware Solutions Salmon-01.png

Firmware & Software Solutions

  • Embedded Systems Firmware

  • Robotic GUI Interface Design

  • Microcontroller Interfaces

  • ROS Integration Between High/Low Level Code  

Robotics Solutions Home Page-01.png

Robotics R & D

  • Quadrupedal Robot Sub-Systems

  • Micro, Medium & Large UAV's

  • Underwater Vehicles

  • Autonomous Payload Deployment Mechanisms

  • Autonomous UGV's

  • High Performance Actuators

Mechanical solutions Home Page-01.png

Mechanical Solutions

  • Complex Mechanisms 

  • Automation For Manufacturing

  • Packaging & Enclosure Designs

  • Robotic End Effectors

  • Mechatronics Assembly & Design

Project Planning

  • Concepts

  • Financial

  • Products 

  • Production

  • Manufacturing Support

  • Cost Estimation 

  • Process Innovation


Reliable. Robust. Rapid.

At Redara Labs, robotics is the focal point of our business. Our team is highly motivated and driven to solve complex problems from autonomous system to commercial products. With this multi faceted team of engineers and technicians, we are able to produce robust solutions quickly. 

We also offer a variety of manufacturing services for our clients. Our facilities offer Cable Harness Fabrication, Waterjet Cutting, CNC machining, FDM, SLA and SLS 3D printing, and PCB assembly. 

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